What exhibitors have to say

As a first time exhibitor for the annual Historic Home & Designer Craftsmen Shown in Valley Forge, PA I was very impressed with the amount of people who attended the show, specifically the exact demographic for the products that I was displaying. My business, Independence Antique Brick Company reclaims old bricks, paver and cobblestones which are packaged and resold or sent to my saw operation in which thin veneer products are made for walls and flooring. Read more My business is approximately (15) years old and I have promoted my products at numerous Home Shows, Builders Shows and Garden Expos within the Mid Atlantic region. This show without a doubt, gave me more potential sales opportunities, given the type of people attending the show. This show was very specific to my products and services and I handed out over 100 business cards within a 2 1/2 day period. The potential contacts, in my opinion, were qualified potential customers and I plan to display at the Historic Home & Designer Craftsmen Show next year with a larger booth. If you are thinking about exhibiting at the show, I highly recommend it and Julia Hite was very easy to work with as well as the rest of her staff.”

—Matt Haak, Owner
Independence Antique Brick

“THRILLED…. is our response with show attendees response to us!!! So many new leads that never would have known us!!
It has been a long time since we at Martin’s Chair, Lancaster County PA family business of 53 years and maker of heirloom quality Windsors Chairs and Custom 18th Century Furniture, have ventured out to do a show. Being hesitant, we waited until the last minute but were convinced to give it a try…and we are SO GLAD we did! This show is the PERFECT FIT for us. Quality customers that are period style savvy are what this show brought directly to us in both our demonstration and display booths. The Designer Craftsmen Show was well worth our time, money, and effort. We look forward to continuing with this show in the future and hope that many other vendors join us to make it bigger and better every year.”

—Teresa Martin
Martin’s Chair

“Having been an enthusiastic attendee for many years to the Designer Craftsman and Historic Home Show, I was delighted to once again attend the show as a selected artist. Coming from the Pennsylvania German School of Folk-art, my woodcarvings were well received by those attending the show. Buyers were well educated and could clearly see my work is inspired by my forefathers’ woodcarving, fraktur, and decorated furniture. Sales were excellent throughout the weekend and I was very pleased with the staff from the show sponsors.”

—Jonathan Bastian

“The Greater Philadelphia Historic Home Show is the one trade show we do not miss each year. The attendees are the type of buyers that are interested in seeking out high end, quality materials and we always find new customers as a result of this show. The preview party is a great way to open the show and traffic in and out of our booth has been steady and fruitful! We will be there in 2016. Wouldn’t miss it!”

—Genna Antes
Sylvan Brandt

“As an artisan creating handmade items, it is always a challenge to find quality shows that create an opportunity to put my work in the view of customers who appreciate and are looking to purchase American made items. It is my pleasure to share that very experience I had at the Designer Craftsman Show and Historic Home show at the Valley Forge Casino Resort Convention Center in February 2015. Read more

My work is in the area of hand carved Americana Folk Art and I have been searching for a couple of east coast shows that appreciate my work and draw customers who are looking for high quality items to grace their homes and offices. The staff involved with the show was very accommodating and helpful in every aspect of the show and as the customers filled the show it was evident to me that I was in the right place. Customers were interested in quality items for their homes and had an appreciation for American made items created by the very artisans who were there to talk with them face to face. As I engaged the people, I could tell they had a deep interest in knowing about my work. How I was inspired to create it as well as the steps I took to make each piece. I was able to demonstrate some of my process right in my booth on the show floor so people could see firsthand the work each piece takes and the skill I had developed in my field. I was refreshed to be surrounded by customers who were interested in my journey as an artisan and who respected my prices and wanted to own one of my pieces. I met customers from the area as well as those who had traveled a long distance just to come to this show, but they all shared the common interest in finding that special handmade American piece.

On my long drive back to my Midwest home, I had time to consider if I would return to participate in the event next year. Based on the large number of customers at the show, the interest they showed in my type of items I had for sale, and the work of the show promoter, I will be back. If you are an artisan, I encourage you to consider this show for your 2016 schedule and join other quality artisans. If you are a person who is looking to find quality items made in America by the very artisans who offer them for sale , then this is a must attend show.

See you in 2016!”

—Vernon DePauw
Eagles of the 1800s

“The Historic Home Show attracts unique customers who love or are exploring historical or traditional homes and furnishings. With exhibitors limited to time-honored craftsman who will deliver high quality work and products, visitors to our Stoltzfus Enterprises booth are educated, interested and engaged in our historical (new/old) Olde Bulltown Village construction and community. Flexibility by the managers of the show provide set up and promotional options for us to serve our specific guests. After several years, show attendees now look us up and/or send others to see us. We are fortunate our business is located just 30 miles from this “one of a kind” national historic home show.”

—Merle & Dave Stoltzfus, owners
Stoltzfus Enterprises

“We were delighted to exhibit at the Historic Home & Designer Craftsmen Show this year! What a great opportunity to experience one of the Premiere Shows in the Greater Philadelphia area featuring the best in traditional artistry and craft. We were able to connect with professionals in the industry as well as homeowners who value restoration, authenticity, craftsmanship and beautiful design. We were able to showcase our historically authentic Subway Ceramics and Mosaics Collection, which both were well received by an enthusiastic crowd. Based on the success of this event, we are definitely looking forward to attending next year!”

—Nicole Spicer, Marketing Communications Manager
Heritage Tile

“Timberlane has been attending and exhibiting the Historic Home Show for as long as any of us can remember. We’ve gone through good times in the economy and rough ones, but the show has always been a bright spot for us. Of course we’ve become great friends with the folks there, both those running the show and fellow exhibitors, but the customers have been fantastic. Regardless of the economy, the customers come out because this show, unlike others, is about a common passion. The folks on the Historic Home Show and the ones on the Decorative Arts section all share a love for what we do. It is a rare chance to be around so many true artisans and craftsman of this caliber. And that is what draws in the very specific audience. Because at the end of the day, our customers are just as passionate about what we do as we are! Read more

Last year we saw the attendance hold strong, but spent most of the show chatting with our visitors, getting to know them, and hearing of their projects. Sure, it provided great insights, perspectives, and inspiration for us, but aside from craftspeople, we are also a business. So from that perspective, we were still waiting, despite a vast improvement over the prior lean years. This year was different. It wasn’t like before. It was as if the intimate interactions and passion were even stronger than before, but the audience is now ready to commit to projects and purchases. They’ve spent these tough years planning and fine tuning, so that now that they’re moving forward, they’re doing so with projects unlike they would have planned before!

The inspiration, discussions, and interactions over the years has paid off, as our customers have become our friends, our fellow vendors have become our peers, and the organizations, well, they’ve become both, and also a guide and an ear, listening to what both the audience and we want, and keeping us informed of the feedback and trends.

The Historic Home Show is more than a show. It’s a Craftsman’s Meet Up!!”

—The Staff of Timberlane

“Julia, as usual you and your team killed this show. We had an amazing response, better than last year. Consider us exhibitors for as long as you run this show!”

—Ken Klinger, Owner
Basement Waterproofing Specialists

“The 2015 Historic Home show at Valley Forge just ended and we are exhausted. Being exhausted at the end of a show because you talked to so many people interested in your product is a great type of exhaustion.During the first year of the show I was displaying our company’s products at the Philadelphia Home Show and heard about the Historic Home Show from someone who said it was packed with people who would want our products. I visited the show and knew it was a great fit for my company. Read more

I tell every new vendor I get the chance to talk to that if you work in Historic Homes with competence and you are able to translate that confidence and passion into a message, this show will make you successful. This is not the kind of show you want to send a new employee to manage because you want him/her to get their feet wet, you need to put forth your very best effort with your very best representatives and expect to love the outcome.

As long as this show goes on I will go on with it. I encourage you to get involved if you work in old homes with passion, skill and creativity. The attendees are waiting to buy from you.”

—Scott Seuren
Bucks County Soapstone

“The Historic Home Show was a very well run and organized show. There was a great variety of vendors. We met many people and acquired many leads that we are looking forward to following up on. We look forward to coming back again next year!”

—Dan Cross, Owner
D.J. Cross Inc. Chim Chimney

“Everite had another great show in 2015. The show attracts a steady flow of potential customers who have the capacity and desire to purchase our products. The show hours are reasonable and the clientele knowledgeable and interesting to speak to. There were several repeat customers from last year who may buy a product from us this year or next year. We also made some important contacts with other vendors at the show that may lead to additional opportunities. For us, the show is a terrific forum for promoting our products to well qualified, potential customers from many states. We’ll be back in 2016!”

—James Wistar
Everite Door

“Julia, thanks for all your efforts for another great event this year. We are happy to see the show continue to grow in attendance. As always, we found the attendees to be actively looking for products and services for their historic properties. The leads generated at the show are consistently quality ones. Keep up the good work, and pass on our thanks to the whole team. Truly a class event! Please keep us posted on registration for next year.”

—Jim Nelson
Mon-Ray Inc

“The show went very well for us. We had lots of exposure to clients who could use our product. The show was very well run and the attendees were the type of people that appreciated quality. We look forward to exhibiting in the future. After the show we followed up on leads and were able to shortly, book close to $80,000 in two projects. To the staff, keep up the good work!”

—Abner Stoltzfus
Sweetwater Woodworks