Speakers 2017


Window Preservation Alliance
–how to cut antique glass, basic glazing tips and techniques
–pointers on painting window sash
–weather strip pointers and how to install them

Bring your window questions and get expert advice!

Craftwork Training Center
–Repointing of Brick and Stone
–Repairing a Brownstone facade with Specialty Patching Materials
–Creating a Plaster Ceiling Medallion or Enrichments
–Restoring a Historic Wood Door or Window
–Lime Slaking Demonstration and Whitewashing

Learn or hone your skills from these expert craftsmen.


1:30–2:45 PM
Special Guest Lecture

The Importance of Precedent in Designing a New Old House
Invaluable advice from the architect: making the decision to build; historical context; and successful case histories illustrated.

Speaker: John Milner, FAIA, principal, John Milner Architects

Sponsored by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, Philadelphia Chapter. Please see the concurrent display of Trumbauer Design Award-winning projects, produced by the ICAA.

3 PM
Historic Interiors for 21st-century Lifestyles
Learn to create a livable, functional, cost effective space that honors your historic home. Common design concerns include storage, electronics integration, and creating flow room to room; kitchens and baths, furnishings, energy efficiency.

Speaker: Monique Becker, CWTC, Allied ASID, owner, Becker Home

4 PM
Addressing Accelerated Masonry Deterioration
Brick and stone deteriorate very slowly, but failure to identify common problems (and skipping basic maintenance) may accelerate damage. Photos and samples identify issues; materials, techniques, and practices follow: lime-based mortar, waterproofing dos and don’ts, gutter inspection.

Speaker: Robert Wozniak, principal, Preservation Works Ltd.


11:30 AM
Basement Excavation & Renovation
What homeowners can do to keep their basements dry—and renovations possible when you don’t have serious water or dampness issues. How to repair or retrofit foundations of all sorts for structural safety or to create extra room. Excavation of crawlspaces.

Speaker: Mark Pallante, Basement Waterproofing Specialists

1 PM
Balancing Budget & Wish List
Whether you’re restoring an old building or designing a “new old house,” you’ll have to make difficult choices to balance budget adherence, need for modern convenience, and use of space. Come participate in this interactive discussion, which provides a project road map and helps you navigate the task ahead. Learn to pick your battles and make the best choices to maintain integrity.

Focus will be on the following critical areas that have the greatest effect on the restoration of a historic house, the building of a new old house or adding a period sensitive addition to an existing old house.

Our power point presentation will include good versus bad examples to better illustrate the following topics.

1. Proper roof pitches
2. Window fenestration, window glass proportions and muntin profiles.
3. Exterior cornice proportions and profiles.
4. Interior and exterior door and shutter proportions including profiles.
5. Interior millwork and trim profiles.
6. Exterior siding, stucco, Stonework, pointing and trim details.
7. Roof material choices
8. Dormer Propotions
9. Avoid Supersizing

Speaker: Sean Steuber, owner, Steuber & Associates Inc. Master Design and Build

2:30 PM
Raising the Roof: Turning Back the Clock at The Speaker’s House

When The Speaker’s House was rescued from demolition in 2004, all we knew was that Frederick Muhlenberg–first Speaker of the U.S. House–had once lived there. After years of painstaking research, we launched a full-scale restoration effort in 2015 to restore the house to its Muhlenberg-era appearance. Learn about the detective work that goes into such an investigation and go behind-the-scenes of the current roof restoration project, which involves everything from rebuilding four corner fireplaces to replacing two later mansard roofs with the original style pitched roofs.

Speaker: Lisa Minardi, Executive Director, The Speaker’s House