Since 1979, Country Accents has been designing and creating handmade tin, copper, and brass panels fashioned one hole-punch at a time.

Theresa Sullivan is owner and president of Pierced Tin by Country Accents.

Theresa Sullivan is the owner and president of Country Accents; she oversees a group of skilled artisans, some with more than 30 years of experience. Hand-pierced or -punched tin is familiar as an inventive and simple way to decorate early American lanterns and cupboards. As the leading source for this artistic folkway, Country Accents produces pierced metal panels and punched tin in 12 different types of metal, including copper, brass, and antiqued patinas.

The designs offered include accurate re-creations of traditional punched and pierced tin panels found in antique Shaker furniture, pie safes, jelly cupboards, and more. Artisans can create designs from a customer’s sample of fabric, wallpaper, floor or wall tile, chinaware, a favorite decorative accent, or from a combination of items, all to whatever scale and size is needed.

One resident artist of over 20 years has developed most of the company’s designs for pie-safe kits, some exclusive to Country Accents. As designers and makers of museum-quality punched-tin panels, the company often matches designs and finishes of antique, vintage, and almost forgotten punched-tin panels.

Timeless punched or pierced tin designs are seen on a lantern and cupboard from Country Accents.

The artisans’ newest designs reflect a growing interest in pierced tin as room decoration, in headboards, wainscoting, and artwork for framing. Custom punched tin imaging is also available for those who wish to turn a design, logo, or photograph into art.

Pierced tin or other metals are becoming favorites for country and early American interiors.

Country Accents also offer a selection of metal-piercing supplies, including the company’s handmade metal punching tools, panel blanks, patterns, and kits, with options aimed at both beginners and specialists.

Meet Theresa Sullivan at the Historic Home Show at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Jan. 28–29, 2017.

Hand-punched tin pieces are increasingly desirable as artwork.

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