A selection of demonstrations offered at the 2016 Historic Home Show

Agrell Architectural Carving Ltd.
Surrounded by their own hand-carved samples made in the company workshop, the son of the company’s founder demonstrates classical woodworking skills, using tools and techniques passed down through generations of craftsmen.
Demonstrator: David Agrell

 Compass Ironworks
An exciting demonstration by the firm’s artisans: see how hot iron is forged into items both useful and ornamental, with techniques used for hundreds of years.
Demonstrators: Family and Staff of Compass Ironworks
 Luck’s Ware
A fifth-generation potter, Sid turns functional pottery that mirrors the shapes turned by his forebears. During his demonstration of wheel-thrown pottery, he will discuss the history of pottery-making, the process of transforming clay into finished pieces, and his passion for the craft. Observers are welcome to ask questions—or even try their hand at the wheel!
Demonstrator: Sid Luck

Maine Village Weaver
See an ongoing demonstration of the process of weaving a rug on a small hand loom, using hand-dyed wool. (Saturday) A self-taught weaver, Leck has been featured in national magazines for her hand-woven rugs, custom fabrics for home interiors, curtains, table linens, and bedspreads, all in early American  atterns and colors gleaned from extensive research.
Demonstrator: Phyllis Leck

Martin’s Chair
What makes the Windsor chair the timeless classic it is? Its construction, which affords comfort and style. See firsthand the wedging and gluing process that gives the chair its strength. Martin’s Chair has been a family business for 53 years. (You can come sit in the chairs by visiting the booth.)
Demonstrator: Rick Martin

Philadelphia Furniture Workshops
PFW is a full-service furniture-making school teaching all levels, from beginning woodworkers to advanced craftspeople. See demonstrations of hand-tool skills, including layout and cutting of dovetails (using hand saws and chisels), and stringing and inlay work used in Federal period decoration. Pieces are on display.
Demonstrators: Alan Turner and Mario Rodriquez